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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 4, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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parking lot. threbus drivers who were being paid to shuttle employees to gillette grew frightened by his erratic behavior. he allegedly told police who responded he left small items on people's vehicles. the defendant stated to me "i did it because i'm just like santa claus." >> reporter: his presents included key chains, tools paint brushes last on windshields of cars . santa akabromson was also allegedly threatening. the bus drivers asked him what he was doing and she responded . after he made that statement he entered us vehicle through his passenger door to . >> reporter: police say he was unsteady on his feet and used a walking cane. at least two drivers feared he them. by my count 11 charges here, three of assault and battery
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one a fugitive charge relating to an old case in connecticut in which he was allegedly threatening people being disorderly. live in foxboro, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, police in bar earrested this man they say stabbed another man in the chest chest. william griffin the third is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon each may face more charges. police respond together scene overnight. the man who was stabbed was brought to the hospital with an non-life-threatening injuries. investigation into the incident is ongoing . >> anchor: boston's wearing in members of his new city council today them were honored watt ceremony at faneuil hall. mayor marty walsh led new members in taking the oath of office. fills say the new city council represents boston's bright future. there is much to anticipate in this hall because you represent the hopes of boston's bright future. >> anchor: the ceremony confirm the election of the council's first asian-american president. >> anchor: we are following more news today.
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that man posting videos on-line of himself while barricade insisted in his home surround insisted by police. police say he abduct insisted his girlfriend and threatened her with a gun of they responded to the scene after the girl escaped from the home. neighbors watched the standoff up foal on vine. police launch insisted chemical the man out. he fay charges of abduction and convicted felon . >> anchor: a divine inter interconvention put an end to a scary scene during a authority carolina church service on new year's eve of a man walks into this place of worship holding a rifle in the air. that's when pastor larry wright said he immediately left the podium and confronted the stranger. he says the man calmly shared his troubles right then took the gun away and call for other men to come up and embrace that suspect . when i toll the congregation it's okay, he wants prayer, and i began to pray for him. the power of god hit and he failed to his knees and began to cry and weep and he had his face on the ground.
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man involved in the incident has not been charged. he is now receiving treatment at a local facility . >> anchor: police are on the hunt for two dogs taken from a man's home in virginia. investigators say someone broke into a man's yard there, took the dogs and ran off on new year's eve. this were service dogs helping an articly veteran cope with post-traumatic stress. the dog's owner said they were his closest friends. when you are away from your family and that's all you got, you know, protection it's your best friend. it's irreplaceable. that's my child. child.. >> anchor: right now police don't have any suspects . >> anchor: a scare in the sky forces a passenger plane carrying 163 people to turn back around after one of its doors wasn't shut completely. the was hon its way to south crow afrom the philippines when it turned back. officials say a noise alert insisted staff to a gap in the door propertying the pile to return. they say each pass very will be compensated. an investigation is now under way into what caused the incident. snow injuries were report
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>> anchor: caught on camera, hi sweetheart. are you okay? come here. come here. >> anchor: a three-year-old girl h new mexico rescued by police after a suspect steals a car with her inside. the man left the little girl an empty parking lot. she wasn't hurt. police later found the stolen car but are still serving for the suspect . >> anchor: a teen-ager in atlanta is recovering after she was shot by a man who tried to steal according to police her hover board. now officials say the suspect followed the 16-year-old girl and her friend home and tried to force himself into her apartment apartment. she and her friend then tried to slam the door but the suspect opened fire. it's crazy. offer a hover board. really? she was in her door going inside of her house. >> anchor: the suspect did get away. police are still searching for him . >> anchor: an unexpect insisted guest making a surprise appearance inside an idaho home. this 600 pound elk fell through a window and into the homeowner homeowner's living room. the home owners says once they got over the nil shock as you
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they called authorities to help lead the elk back into the wilderness. an officials says the elk suffered a minor cut to the neck neck. a sheep in australia finally after being lost in the wilderness for six years. it's wool weighed in at just over 46 pounds falling short of the australian please record of 90 pounds. the sheep had been lost since 20 2010 rescued by a local man who found her unable to move because of the amount of wool in its fleece . >> anchor: we're getting behind a scenes look at the royal family anew candid interview with family members is getting a royal release. prince william and prince harry are opening up about their family sharing insights into their lives in a way we aren't used to seeing of speaking candidly in a new documentary the men of britain's royal family are opening up . >> i'm a lot more emotional than issue insisted to be weird weirdly. >> anchor: getting personal about their friendship and family with 33-year-old william
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i never used to really kind of get too riled up or worried but now the smallest things you can well up more. the documentary celebrates 40 years of the prince's trust, a charles. the 90 minute special focuses on the prince of wales and his work to help struggling young people succeed. but it's his son's candor that . the advice he can give us based on the contacts he made over the years is incredible . >> anchor: prince harry openly discussing his relationship with their father . you can actually ring him up and say i'm in a bit of a pickle here or off load stuff. stuff.. >> anchor: william describing house prince george and -month-old princess charlotte have changed him . you get affect insisted by sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a t more life is and puts it all into
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most prominent men known for privacy now seeing out about their relationship and hopes for >> anchor: prince harry also said his father is driven by sense of duty that was instilled in him at a very young age . >> anchor: fascinating to get those inside look at how they live their every day lives and how they feel going forward and have kids themselves it's very interesting . >> anchor: they are people just like us but they have so much more sortf power inhat . >> anchor: much more to come. getting a strong start. how a hospital is helping them break >> anchor: plus, he is the new newest winner of the voice and even got invited to sing the national anthem at the winter classic. now jordan smith is taking on a whole new challenge. >> anchor: in 30 minutes protestors storming a federal building in oregon calling for a change as s continue to grow. >> anchor: a dangerous drop when snow comes crashing down on
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which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush.
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>> anchor: students with disabilities breaking barriers in the working world of a group of seniors taking part in an important program giving them some life skills . >> anchor: their school tealing up with a hospital and heading students get ahead in life. >> anchor: everyone knows getting a job out of high school is hard. miguel has a head start. he is learning huh to stock . we're getting 20 sponges, right? >> anchor: the senior is not getting paid yet. but the experience he is gaping is more valuable.
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. >> anchor: it's part of a new curriculum . it's called project serve . >> anchor: teeing students with disabilities real life job skills. it's been a learning experience not just for the students . i really do enjoy working with the kids . >> anchor: but for their mentors . we connect . >> anchor: the program also gives students a cents of pride . it is important because everyone has a right to dig in thy of everyone has a right to be able to be employed if they are ale to. >> anchor: sergio knows. the 18-year-old is learning he can be good at any job . i feel more independent, more confident . >> anchor: he will have the certificate to prove it. the palm has helped students with developmental disabilities move beyond their barriers and as for serge joe, he said it's i good feeling when youen your own money them learn a lot in that program . >> anchor: it's so cool people take the time to teach them how to do stuff like that. awesome. coming up, waving out for the warning signs. a woman getting a real scare when her hairdresser made a disturbing discovery.
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>> reporter: cold blast of air in new england for tonight and tomorrow then we start to warm it right back up. the forecast is up next . >> anchor: just ahead your ride home could turn into a costly commute. how much the mbta is talking about raising fares. >> anchor: the long material girlfriend of james whitey bulger pleading not guilty to federal could be tent charge as head on 7 news. it's the new year so maybe . >> anchor: we have inside tips from people who know what the bosses are looking for . what you should never do when plying for a job toll
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries
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sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison
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>> anchor: powerball jackpot could soon go to $400 million. lottery officials say it continues to build up after no one claimed saturday's $334 million prize. this could end up being the sixth chargest rise no powerball history. odds of winning are one in 292 million. next draw drawing will be held wednesday. plenty of time to get out there and buy your its and hole on to them tight . always say the odds are so great but somebody has to win. or a bun of people can win. office goes together and wins together . >> anchor: there you go. then you have to split it and all that stuff. speaking of odds, the odds of us having some really cold weather are pretty high . the risk of sounding like han solo, never tell me the odds you are right, it's cold out. there boston 24, northwest wind 14 miles per hour. creating a wind chill that feels like 12 in the city and it is a shock to the system. again, we're not talking about record cold or dangerous wind chills. it won't than cold where we have wind chills at 20 below but
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the warmest december into this mess, yeah, headquarter to the system. back to work, back to school, back to really. here we go. january so we've had seen several hours of snow happening on the south shore and unfortunately that snarled traffic pretty seriously for a short time. 3 and 3 a south of the city. you also notice here now the dryer air is starting to shove this band of lighter snow and snow showers farther away from the south shore and that will continue to be the trend is to have this stuff settle down as we work through evening hours. metro boston again couple of from ease but that's it. show is over in terms of the snowflakes but cold air just getting here and it will be here overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. now you folks on the cape and islands route 6, you will have the light snow and snow showers and occasional snow squalls happening overnight tonight and so here is your snowfall forecast. again, south shore, metro boston pretty much done, cape ann some flurries south shore, immediate south shore near the city also done but you have flurries down toward the canal. possible.
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that comes in around 3:00. these things are trying to pinpoint where a thunderstorm would happen in july. we can give you the forecast for a thunderstorm but to precisely say it will be on this golf courts or this golf course, we're good but not that good. wind speeds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour out of the north and the northeast create the win chills. feels like 12 in the city. hyannis feels like 19. worcester feels like 7. here is the real deal. these are the temperatures. running into the lower 20's the city at 24 right now. bedford at 21. there is the arctic front. driving itself all the way down the eastern seaboard to be replaced by arctic high pressure overnight tonight so it is wicked cold out there tonight with wind chills between 0 and ten below very late tonight with snow showers continuing on the cape and islands so for example around midnight tonight temperatures running in the middle teens. you will have a northerly wind around ten to 15 miles per hour and so that will setp a wind chill near zero. these will be the actual temperatures tomorrow morning when you are at the t appellate forms.
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the kid ohs again committee cold tomorrow morning, a low of 13 in boston. plymouth a low of 12. bedford a low of nine. hasn't been this cold in boston if we get there 13. you have to go become to the first part of march, march 6 when we had a leof nine that morning and the afternoon low is about 23. so tomorrow it is a very cold day but at least we don't have as much wind on way. mostly sunny skies there for moral support. temperatures tomorrow 21 to 27. the city around 26 tomorrow. lakeville at 27. north of town per mcvalley, the numbers in the lower 20's, again the big thing about tomorrow, especially mid to late morning and for the remainder of the afternoon, no wind out there. so that 24 won't feel all that bad but again coming off december it's a shock. 7 on 7 forecast, right back into the 40's wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday we're going to watch a little weather system for you. it's not a powerhouse system and actually i think for most of us it's light rain around the metro but could be a brief period of wintery mix, southern new hampshire, saturday morning. >> anchor: thanks so much.
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time now for a check of the ride home. her is joe tape elton with an update. a lot red here on the right hand side of route 3 northbound and southbound down through the hanover and plymouth areas had several spinout accidents in the area, ocean effect snow, road willy making things slick and slippery. route 3 a and route 44 is also affect insisted by that. we're flying a long right now in the helicopter heading in that direction. right now we're hadding down route 3 a southbound ride leading away from the camera down through weymouth in braintree dealing with minor slowdowns there but up ahead there is trouble coming getting and those snow squalls and delays caused by them. downtown not much of a delay. looks nice 93 north and southbound on the zakim bridge looks okay, the right on the storrow drive up ramp where those brake lights are has been a bit of a tight ride heading for the mass pike eastbound and westbound up by the allston tolls and down by the pru not move took bad low either of joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: watching out for the warning signs. when your thyroid isn't working right you can be dealing with a
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. >> anchor: one woman getting a scare when her hairdresser noticed something out of the ordinary most days jane is looking after her two young children eliza and theo. so focus insisted and so busy it was her hairdresser who noticed the abnormal growth on jane's . it looks like an adam's apple. i thought maybe my neck is thin and i'm getting olderment i don't know. but then i realized it wasn't in the middle and i hadn't really noticed it until i went and got my haircut. the girl says what is that on >> anchor: she said once she saw it, she couldn't unsee it an knew she had to get it checked out . it's good to be proactive in any capacity but especially your health and especially for me when i have people who depend on me. i have a wonderful husband and my kids and i want to be the best version of myself which includes being the most healthy version of myself for them .
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. >> anchor: after an ultrasound . the tumor or growth was present . >> anchor: hunt said in addition to checking for masses the thyroid has an important role in how we feel and how our . the thyroid gland is the gland in the neck that makes the gasoline that runs the body. thyroid hormone is critical for every function in the body. too much thyroid and you can be nervous, anxious, jittery, un unexplained weight loss, feeling hot all the time, pal by takes, hypothyroidism on the other hand when you make too little is manifested by tired, fatigue, bl blah, weight gain, just hair falling out, feeling terrible. >> anchor: fortunately for jane the tumor was benign. that means peace of mind for mommy time. lucky for her warning signing for hypothyroidism include hair
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swallowing, rapid heartbeat, un unintentional weight loss and a visible lump in the neck . >> anchor: just ahead a country singer married to a hockey star but is carry underwood's husband trying to take over her job? [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks
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>> anchor: topping the buzz, two movie stars billion off a pitch perfect proposal . >> anchor: a could you the hit movie say they are tying the knot and anna camp and skylar as aston announcing they engage insisted. they have been dating for more than two years . >> anchor: jordan smith starring the new year on a high note. the voice winner announcing he is engage insisted. his fiance say flashing her new engagement bling in the boston public garden. it's been a busy year already for smith who also sang the national anthem at the winter classic at gillette stadium on new year's day. >> anchor: cary underwood not the only one with powerful pipes the country star sheaing this video of her husband zigging in the car ununderwood later joked . >> anchor: get a bus, right? the duck dynasty with a new addition to its clan. the reality tv family announcing
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this will be the third child the family has adopt insisted. >> anchor: netflix will have some new treeing series going on very soon here. this he will debut 13 new original series this year in their continuing the 17 favorites a few of the new ones according to hollywood. com of a reboot of degrassy and problem knee a series of unfortunate events. lots coming up . >> anchor: so when it's really cold outside you can stay inside and wave some tv and watch 7 news of much more to come in the next 90 minutes . >> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. blast of the year. i will let you know for how long. >> anchor: abouting news. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend reversing course. catherine grieg's plan to plead guilty it a contempt charge . >> anchor: a wreck on a busy road leading to a major detour. crews work for hours to clear a ash that shut down route 1 . >> anchor: tom brady banged up and now nursing an injury. what an mri revealed and how it could impact the playoffs .
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in the future? the proposal for a ride on the t. >> anchor: protestors take over a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. why they are refusing to leave. >> anchor: and we begin at five o'clock with a flurry of activity across the bay state. flakes flying in boston today but it won't amount to much in the city. there is a winter weather advisory up for the cape and people there could see a couple inches . >> anchor: but it is the cold that will affect most of us. we are in for a big chill come tomorrow. temperatures dropping into the single digits tonight in fact. get ready for that here is meteorologist jeremy reiner . over that. water ocean leading to snow showers and snow squalls and flurries metro boston now working down the south shore. this was a bit of a problem area earlier this afternoon. route 3 south from the city down to the canal with those snow burst the and again good news though is that it starts to wind dunn as you get into metro
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